Leadership team

Revd. Vicky Martin joined us in September 2020 after spending 5 years as a full-time Chaplain in the local NHS Mental Health Trust (Sussex Partnership). Having come into ministry after finding a sick and beaten homeless man sleeping on some church steps, Vicky is passionate about ensuring nobody is excluded from church life and a full relationship with Jesus. She is keen to ensure that Union Church becomes a community hub for the town as well as a beacon of hope to those who need it. Vicky also endorses ‘Affirm’, a UK network of Baptist Christians working together for LGBT+ inclusion.

Revd. Vicky Martin

Deacons of Union Church Heathfield

Our deacons (leadership team) are elected by the membership at our Annual General Meeting and normally serve for a term of three years before requiring re-election although there is flexibility within this to cater for individual circumstances and allow for the changing needs of the church.

Our current deacons are:

Dave Greengrow (Facilities)

Sue Fletcher (Admin and Safeguarding)

Rita Dimsdale (GDPR)

Hazel Savill (First Aid, Food Hygiene and Food Hub)

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