Photos from various events at the church

Tea, coffee & cake in the church hall.
Jess being baptised in Sue’s pool.
We host a group for parents and toddlers most Mondays.
Our old entrance was replaced by new glass doors in 2019.
Celebrating Easter.
The church is open during Le Marché, Heathfield’s
August Bank Holiday French market featuring traders from our
twin town Forges-Les-Eaux, to host music peformances,
art exhibitions, light lunches etc.
Harvest. Our donations go to Trussel Trust food bank.
Hosting a Lights of Love service for
St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Eastbourne.
Hosting the Rotary Club Carol Service.
When digging to replace our doors we found a time capsule from 1901
containing donation cards from when the church was founded.
Also in the time capsule was this copy of
The Christian World newspaper dated
Thursday March 7th 1901.